Practical information

Sending samples

The quality of the test results is dependent on:

- the conditioning of the sample which must allow the preservation of its intrinsic chemical properties
- the quantity received, which must be representative of the sample and sufficient for the desired analyses.

Except in special cases, the minimum quantity to be sent to the laboratory is 200 grams (powders and liquids).
For tablets, capsules, the minimum quantity is 20 units.
Larger quantities may be required in the case of multiple vitamin analyses, full nutritional analyses etc... : contact us.

Preservation of samples

Stable products are stored at room temperature for 3 months after registration in the laboratory.

The other samples are kept in cold storage or freezer for 1 month after registration.

How to access this service

After filling in and validating the information form, an email containing your access codes will be sent to you.
From that moment on, your dedicated space will be created and you will be able to log in instantly.

Electronic signature

The analysis reports produced by the laboratory are transmitted to the client electronically. They are therefore electronically signed (Initio RGS certificate*).

Any electronic signature appearing on the analysis reports is subject to a secure certification process, the characteristics and verification elements of which will be communicated to the customer if necessary.

We are involved in

A better knowledge of the products for an optimal valorization
A control of the evolution of the product during the manufacturing process
A verification of the conformity of the product and its labelling
A control of the conformity of the nutritional composition at the end of life