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Other determinations

rond-macro The AQUANAL laboratory offers a wide range of physico-chemical analyses

star Analyses that can be performed under COFRAC accreditation 

Density Electronic densimeter - IFU  
Sorbic acid Ann. Fals. Exp. Chim. (1989) - HPLC  
Benzoic acid Ann. Fals. Exp. Chim. (1989) - HPLC  
Water activity Lebensm Wiss-u Technol. 19.29.7  
Total choline Internal method / Ion Chromatography star
Inositol (free myo-inositol) Internal method - HPAEC-PAD  star
Taurine Internal method - HPLC star
Total carnitine Internal method - LC-MS-MS star
Aflatoxine M1 Method interns adapted by ISO 14501 star





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