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Sending samples

The quality of the analysis results is dependent on:

- the packaging of the sample which must enable its intrinsic chemical properties to be preserved
- the quantity received which must be representative of the sample and sufficient to enable the required analyses to be performed.

Except in specific cases, the minimum quantity to be sent to the laboratory is 200 grams.

Larger quantities may be required in the case of multiple vitamin analyses, complete nutrition analyses, etc.:

Storage of samples

Stable products are stored at room temperature for 3 months once registered at the laboratory.
Other samples are stored in a cold chamber or freezer for 1 month once registered at the laboratory.

Registering samples - CREATION OF A CUSTOMER AREA

We encourage you to register your samples on our website; we will receive your analysis request once you confirm this.
In case of a problem (insufficient quantity, time frame required not feasible, etc.), we will inform you as soon as possible.

By registering your analysis requests online, you will be able to access many services such as:



Request an account.

After completing and validating the information form, an e-mail containing your access codes will be sent to you.
From this moment, your dedicated area will be created and you will be able to connect to it immediately.


Reports prepared by the laboratory are sent to the client electronically, and are therefore signed electronically.

All electronic signatures appearing on the analysis reports have undergone a secure certification process (Initio RGS* certificate); details of this and the procedure for checking validity can be provided for the client, if necessary.

Download the document of “Policy of certification of the certificates of people 1*, ChamberSign France”



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